A world tour for world children Round Table Tour 2004
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Working hard!

Thanks to our friends in Nepal and India, we will be able to travel through these beautifull countries and visit some interesting places! We already have three projects in Nepal (2 Tableprojects and one non-tableproject) and are anxciously waiting for five table projects from India. We will also support two non-table projects in India. When we have the projects we can plan the exact route through India.

The Middle Eastern part of the Round Table Tour will certainly be one to remember! We will have to travel long distances and it will be very hot at the time we will arrive over there. Thanks to our participant and guide Bram the route through this marvellous region is as good as finished!

At the end of september we will reach Turkey; the start of the last part of this increadible tour. The Eastern European part has got its own charm and we are sure that we can do good things for children in these countries. We will be supporting one or two projects there aswell. We are still planning this part of the route.

For now all participants are dooing their utmost best to raise money for the childrelated project that each team will support. Every team has to raise a minimum of 9000 euro to be able to support one project and to drive the Round Table Tour with us.


Working hard to raise the money for the projects we will support! All teams have to raise 9000 euros to help the children. And that is a minimum, as we are aiming for more!

Besides the fundraising we are also organizing camping weekends to get to know eachother better, to inform all participants about the preparations and to inspire one another to raise as much money as possible to be able to support these fantastic projects!