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Paul Brussaard is the founder of the Brussaard ompany Group and the managing director of Bruseco. Besides his career he is also a member of the 'Round table and a firefighter in his local town.

Esther Brussaard is a former primary school teacher. She now works at Brussaard Group as a marketing communications specialist. She also coordinates the site of the Round Table Tour. Paul and Esther have been traveling a lot in the Asian region.

Roger Rammers is the president of Arides and is a former member of the Round Table. Roger and Paul are actively involved in building schools in India already. Every summer he organises a holiday for children that have Cistic Fybrosis disease. When Roger heard of our plans he immediately decided to help.

Rob Boymans is the chief financial officer of the Brussaard Group and part-time consultant. He is the proud father of a young daughter called Maud and his son Rens. He takes responsibility of all the fiancial issues related to this project. Rob is our support basis in the Netherlands during our journey.